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Make sure you close all tabs while playing Opus.
Any YouTube video tabs running will cause Opus to freeze. We are looking into this bug.

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What is Opus?

Opus is a two-dimensional, constantly moving, side-scrolling, action, shoot-'em-up, with real-time music-based level generation.

The goal of the game is to provide a forum for the player to experience the expression of music. The game's core function is to facilitate (in real-time) the player' experience of music as it is translated into gameplay.

Opus is a student game made in 8 weeks.

Load Your Music

Players are allowed to load their choice of music (in MP3 format) into the game, which is then processed by the engine and made into a level. Players must then shoot and avoid obstacles and enemies, which are all spawned by the sound analyzer. The player's end goal is to reach the finale of the song without loosing all of their lives.

Become the Hero

Each song tells a unique story. Listen to your music in a new way.

Powerup and Rack Up Points

Opus has different sets of powerups and weapons that will aide in destroying the enemies. Collect point orbs and combo-kill enemies to increase your score.

People Who Created Opus

Macklin Guy
Robert Gervais
Robin Pike
Jermz Gallardo